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タズ・スカイラーさん (俳優・脚本家) 江東クラブ訪問

(English follows)

Netflix で配信中の実写ドラマシリーズ「ONE PIECE」にサンジ役で出演中のタズ・スカイラーさん (俳優・脚本家) が江東クラブを訪問し、練習に参加されました。タズさんは ITF テコンドーの有段者で、黄師賢の友人です。


Taz Skylar, a Spanish-English actor and screenwriter visited Japan and joined a Taekwon Do training session at HHTC Koto Club. He plays “Sanji” in the live-action drama series “ONE PIECE” now available on Netflix.

He is a black belt holder of ITF Taekwon Do, and a friend of master Hwang.

Taz-san, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. Master Hwang and all the HHTC members had so much fun to train with you!

Special Thanks: Matthew Esof, 4th Dan of ITF Taekwon Do

ONE PIECE の大ファンである原 世海指導員も大喜び

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